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THE CRYO CENTER is excited to bring this innovative therapy to Washington! It's time to support your body's natural ability to heal itself. Call and make an appointment today to experience all the benefits that Cryo Therapy has to offer.


Are you an athlete wanting to recover quickly from a workout or competition? Have you recently had an injury or medical procedure and you want to reduce pain and swelling? Do you have arthritis or other daily pain? Let us help you restore your body with Whole Body Cryotherapy!

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" As the 8th ranked high school kicker in the nation, from Snohomish, Washington, Spencer uses Cryotherapy to help recover from those long, bruising Friday nights. "Cryo helped me quickly recover and gave me the ability to train harder and kick a 56 yard field goal and a 45 yard game winning field goal in the same game." Spencer is being highly recruited across the nation and says "Without Cryo, I would not be able to perform at such an elite level to compete with other recruits." "

- Spencer Pettit

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